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We connect people, processes and technologies. We enable strategy, empower business and create value for clients, partners and employees. That's what makes Technology at FM Global so exciting. We build resilience and security into all aspects of our technology infrastructure which is the cornerstone from which all other services are provided.

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Software engineers looking at a computer screen

Software Engineering

Our software engineers collaborate with IT colleagues and other partners to design and build application solutions which involve diverse development platforms, software, hardware, technologies, and tools. In areas such as Full-stack development, API development, Test Automation, Solution Architecture, and more. Software engineers work daily to build and maintain systems, evaluate business requirements and processes, assess available technologies, and recommend and design solution options.

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Employees looking at large computer screen showing the infrastructure of a building

Technology Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure is the foundation of Information Technology services, consisting of hardware and software components that are necessary to develop, test, deliver, or support IT services. Our Cloud, Cyber Security, Network, Server, and Database professionals are responsible for planning, design, management, maintenance, and support of the infrastructure.

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The Data Analytics team’s mission is to leverage data, analytics, and technology for the benefit of FM Global and its clients. Responsibilities for this team include the integration and curation of data from numerous transactional systems, building insightful reports and data visualizations, mining data for business insights, and using statistical and machine learning techniques to predict and influence business outcomes. On the analytics team you will be using data visualization and analysis technologies to help solve business problems and provide insights to business leaders.

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Experience Design

Our Experience Design group is a recently formed team of highly experienced design professionals, spanning research, strategy, service, interaction, and interface design. As an Experience Design researcher, developer, or content strategist you’ll be working with our internal partners to transform business across the enterprise, helping FM Global to be a more responsive, human-centric organization.

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00:12.640 --> 00:17.010

Do you want to build the platforms that will

launch our company into the future?

00:17.430 --> 00:19.629

Then join us at FM Global.

00:20.029 --> 00:23.129

FM Global is not your typical insurance company.

00:23.510 --> 00:27.510

We don't just insure against loss.

We provide cutting edge research and

00:27.520 --> 00:30.790


Our clients are the world's largest

00:30.799 --> 00:36.369

manufacturers, entertainment companies, hospitals and universities and we keep them resilient.

00:36.880 --> 00:39.439

Our clients demand the best solutions.

00:39.740 --> 00:44.159

Our technical roles offer dynamic career

opportunities working on close knit teams that

00:44.169 --> 00:47.290

allow you to make a big impact across the


00:48.069 --> 00:52.979

My team and I work on the next generation of FM Global's client-facing applications.

00:53.229 --> 00:58.240

People are often surprised when they hear ofthe breadth of technologies used at FM Global.

00:58.270 --> 01:02.340

With over 40 development teams, there's so much opportunity to try different

01:02.349 --> 01:04.900

things and find what you really like doing.

01:05.000 --> 01:10.175

Whether it's taking advantage of internal courses or participating with our software engineering interest groups

01:10.305 --> 01:13.364

I feel like I have unlimited learning and

development opportunities.

01:13.375 --> 01:17.305

I get to work with talented peers and leaders

which allows me to solve problems and deliver

01:17.515 --> 01:19.504

high quality products to our clients.

01:20.089 --> 01:24.360

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technologist at FM Global.

01:24.640 --> 01:31.149

There are so many opportunities available within the company, which makes it a great place for anyone to work.

01:31.180 --> 01:35.919

I work in the office a couple of days a weekand really appreciate the work/life balance.

01:36.150 --> 01:40.690

We're making the largest single investment in

technology in the company's history.

01:40.940 --> 01:46.500

We know that our long-term success depends on it. And we need you.

01:46.550 --> 01:51.129

Help us build the future,

01:51.429 --> 01:54.329

help us build the future at FM Global.

00:12.800 --> 00:16.549

Do you want to build the platforms that will accelerate our company into the future?

00:17.500 --> 00:18.900

Then join us at FM Global.

00:19.200 --> 00:22.100

FM Global is not your typical insurance company.

00:22.200 --> 00:26.129

We don't just insure against loss. We provide cutting edge research and

00:26.139 --> 00:29.149

engineering. Our clients are the world's largest

00:29.159 --> 00:35.145

manufacturers, entertainment companies, hospitals and universities and we keep them resilient.

00:35.715 --> 00:38.880

FM Global is a technology focused organization

00:38.990 --> 00:43.100

which allows me to work on and learn latest cutting edge technologies.

00:43.299 --> 00:47.330

We are passionate about the work we do and use a DevSecOps approach to guarantee our

00:47.340 --> 00:52.049

customers receive the highest quality software engineering experience possible.

00:52.729 --> 00:58.490

We use the latest technology stack and are always open to evaluating emerging technologies

00:58.520 --> 01:00.330

if they fit our business needs.

01:01.130 --> 01:06.999

The projects are challenging and exciting at the same time, where you can contribute and show your value.

01:07.500 --> 01:09.940

My team and I are dedicated to supporting

01:09.949 --> 01:15.519

modern day application development, building a secure and reliable cloud platform and

01:15.529 --> 01:20.190

integrating security controls across both application and infrastructure development.

01:20.599 --> 01:26.409

We work across all business areas to ensure quality products are delivered by all teams.

01:26.500 --> 01:30.279

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technologist at FM Global.

01:30.500 --> 01:32.709

There are so many career opportunities

01:32.720 --> 01:35.790

available within FM Global, which makes it a great place to work.

01:35.900 --> 01:39.000

FM Global is one of the best workplaces.

01:39.010 --> 01:41.930

They really do put their employees best interest first.

01:42.410 --> 01:47.569

The benefits of FM Global such as paid vacation time, flexible work policies and remote work

01:47.580 --> 01:51.950

allow me to balance my job, commitment to friends and family and my passions outside of the office.

01:52.550 --> 01:56.860

There are a lot of opportunities to prove yourself and grow in your career.

01:57.260 --> 02:00.240

And the company invests a lot in the growth of its employees.

02:00.919 --> 02:05.469

We're making the largest single investment in technology in the company's history.

02:05.860 --> 02:11.050

We know that our long term success depends on it and we need you.

02:11.559 --> 02:13.669

Help us build the future.

00:13.199 --> 00:17.020

Do you want to help protect the data of some of

the largest companies in the world?

00:17.360 --> 00:19.500

Then join us at FM Global.

00:20.460 --> 00:23.299

FM Global is a unique commercial property insurer.

00:23.649 --> 00:26.329

Our clients make up a third of the fortune 1000.

00:27.129 --> 00:31.850

We don't just insure against loss.

We use research and engineering to understand

00:31.860 --> 00:35.000

risk and then work with our clients to mitigatethose risks.

00:35.590 --> 00:40.200

We take the same approach with Cyber. Just like with traditional risks like fire,

00:40.209 --> 00:44.330

flood and earthquakes. Our dedicated Cyber defense team works to

00:44.340 --> 00:48.520

understand our cyber risk and then takes the necessary steps to reduce our exposure.

00:49.029 --> 00:51.439

Even though our primary business is property insurance,

00:51.529 --> 00:54.319

everyone here really understands the importance of security,

00:54.360 --> 00:56.025

not only for us but for our clients.

00:56.050 --> 00:59.025

We are always working to identify the latest security threats.

00:59.034 --> 01:02.724

So my day to day, well, it's pretty dynamic.

01:02.735 --> 01:07.194

Our team has the opportunity to work across

multiple functions such as managing our

01:07.205 --> 01:13.244

security tools, validating our controls and creating new detections as the threat landscape expands.

01:13.855 --> 01:16.900

Our team is a great home for anyone with a

01:16.910 --> 01:22.309

passion for cyber security and FM Global, with its analytical approach to risk mitigation,

01:22.319 --> 01:23.589

is the perfect fit.

01:24.080 --> 01:28.989

Plus the benefits of FM Global, such as paid vacation and flexibility with remote work,

01:29.000 --> 01:31.619

allow me to balance my work and personal life.

01:32.230 --> 01:35.750

The field of cyber security is constantly evolving and so is our team.

01:35.760 --> 01:40.029

There's a real learning environment here where

you will continue to expand your knowledge and

01:40.040 --> 01:41.970

your skill set throughout your whole career.

01:42.660 --> 01:46.389

If you're looking for a fast-paced and exciting work environment,

01:46.800 --> 01:50.750

then take a look at FM Global. Help us protect our future.


I play a part in building a bright future that can weather any storm.

Many times, the safety of entire communities is influenced by our work. On one project in Florida, I worked with a client to make sure a critical 911 communications facility would be operable during and after a Category 5 hurricane. Advising them on things like how to protect vital generator systems and helping them make cost-effective design decisions, I had a hand in building something truly substantial. In the end, our client was happy to have a partner that understood and worked with them to meet their unique needs.

Gabriel—Engineering Specialist—Employee Since 2007


We may be in the business of protecting assets against property losses, but it's the intellectual power of our internal research teams and the predictive data they produce that enable us to be the best at what we do. From designing and analyzing experiments for our fire team, to predicting loss probability based on engineering data—our research blends statistics, applied mathematics, operations research and engineering to analyze outcomes and protect our clients from unforeseen property loss. Here, making an impact by doing what you love is well within the realm of probability.

SACHIN—Account Manager—EMPLOYEE SINCE 2005


Imagine a career in which you are visiting one of the world's largest underground hydropower plants one week, and crossing the Arctic Circle to inspect a lead and zinc mine the next. At FM Global, anything is possible. Backed by the company's nearly two centuries of experience, I help clients safeguard their businesses against disaster, aid in developing future standards and earn the trust and appreciation of my clients and employer. It's powerful stuff. And it makes what I do every day rewarding and exciting—even after 25 years.

JOANNE—Group Manager Field Engineering—EMPLOYEE SINCE 1987


From simulating sprinkler injection, to developing groundbreaking predictive models, to optimizing protection options—on FM Global's Fire Dynamics team, I get to do what I love while having real-world impact. Working with a team of industry experts in a world-class facility, I do things that would be impossible anywhere else. Whether I'm researching fire dynamics or advancing fire suppression modeling, I'm always balancing scientific research with practical application.

KARL—Manager, IoT and Digital Assessment—EMPLOYEE SINCE 2009


While visiting a previously flooded facility, I heard many heartfelt tributes to the FM Global Claims Team: how the speedy and fair settlement helped the facility and the local people quickly get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. The story inspired me to move from the Field Engineering role — which I'd held for 8 years — into Claims. FM Global Claims stands out in the way we use the best resources there are to help our clients get back on their feet. I take great pride in being part of a team that delivers on our promise to our clients — and their employees — in times of need. I am proud to work for a company with such honorable intentions.



At FM Global, data, physics and experience come together to quantify the threat of natural disasters. From developing worldwide wind maps, to evaluating damage models, to understanding climate change and its impacts, in my role, I'm constantly balancing the practical with the theoretical. Working to understand and assess the risks posed by natural hazards, I leverage FM Global's vast coffers of accumulated engineering data and sophisticated models and labs to create techniques that help us protect our clients from potential property damage and loss.



I wasn't expecting to have such an exciting path in engineering, especially at an insurance company. In my career at FM Global, I've seen a 174-carat diamond at a mine, protected the latest in aerospace innovation and had a face-to-face encounter with a zebra—in the high-security area of a power station! While I'm helping my clients identify and understand what could go wrong and how to engineer that risk out, I'm also having one-of-a-kind work experiences and enjoying constant career growth. There are thousands of exciting possibilities, and just as many career paths. At FM Global, your professional adventures support a valuable loss-prevention mission, so it's no wonder that after 20 years, I'm still excited to see what each new day will bring..



For most of the year, the sunlit beauty of New York's Finger Lakes belies the harshness of the winter yet to come, making it easy for our business clients to overestimate the strength of their roofs. Good thing they have me – and FM Global's nearly two centuries of experience – on their side. When examination of a client's 30-foot ceiling revealed warped structural bracing (and 30 years of dust!), I was able to explain the weakness and recommend a cost-effective solution. It's my job to help my clients protect their assets from the elements—even those as seemingly delicate as snowflakes.



For some, a warehouse filled with whiskey barrels is an inspiring sight, but when I look at all that wood and alcohol, I see an enormous hazard: here, a small fire can quickly escalate into an uncontrollable force. To help protect my clients, I traveled to remote areas of Tennessee, Scotland, Ireland and France to gather data, and then I conducted a series of experiments in FM Global's world-class burn laboratory to find a way to lessen the hazard. It's my job to analyze the potential, test the theories and provide my clients with answers where they don't yet exist. And it's something FM Global's been doing for nearly two centuries.

CHRIS—Senior Engineering Technical Specialist—EMPLOYEE SINCE 2003


In a biscuit manufacturing plant, a tank of palm oil was located near the production line. Upon observing this, I immediately recognized potential disaster. Leveraging FM Global's nearly two centuries of experience, I was able to convince plant management that without proper containment, ignitable liquids put the entire plant—and the people inside it—at risk. This is what I do every day at FM Global. Whether I'm considering risks at massive assembly plants or consulting on greenfield construction projects with hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investment, I'm advising clients on ways to provide a safer environment for businesses and their employees. If you want to advance your technical expertise while developing keen business insight, you'll discover unparalleled opportunity at FM Global.

RICHARD—Senior Account Engineer—EMPLOYEE SINCE 2010


For our 1,800 engineers helping protect our clients' businesses against potential disaster, the ability to reliably transact business from anywhere in the world is critical. That's what makes designing IT systems at FM Global so exciting. My colleagues and I build innovative mobile solutions that ensure critical loss prevention information is never more than a click away. This commitment to protecting our clients' businesses from loss through advanced technology solutions is why I choose to work at FM Global

George — Information Technology Manager — Employee Since 1995


My parents have always instilled in me the concept of working hard, having fun, thinking long term and planning for the future. FM Global is exciting, innovative and dynamic, and with so many professional opportunities here, it's also a company where you can spend your whole career and never get bored. I remember back during one of my initial interviews with FM Global, a manager shared that over 80% of the office staff had been with the company since they graduated college. That kind of longevity is one of the reasons I decided to work at FM Global. I'm proud to work for a company that invests in its employees and trains them to be the best. The willingness to learn is universal, the exposure to knowledge is infinite and the different career paths are endless. The opportunities to think long term don't get much broader.

Kevin — Group Manager Account Engineering — Employee Since 2008

How We Hire

At FM Global, our goal is to provide an inclusive and positive candidate experience. Each role may differ with interview process requirements. Our highly interactive hiring process may include pre-interview assessments, multiple rounds of interviews, presentations, or writing samples.

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Interviewing Tips

| 01

Test your connection—most initial interviews are conducted over the phone or by video at FM Global. Plan to be in a quiet place prior to the interview, and make sure to test your internet connection!

| 02

Do your homework—FM Global is a unique company, come to the interview knowing a little bit about us and why you think we may be a good fit for you. You can brush up on some FM Global information on our YouTube page.

| 03

Utilize your network—Does FM Global come to your college campus or have a relationship with a professional organization you belong to? Do you, or anyone in your inner circle, know someone who works at FM Global? Tap into your connections to get the insider scoop on us, and have your network refer you for specific roles with us.

| 04

Prepare your elevator pitch—most interviews start off with the "Tell me about yourself question," so come prepared to tell us a little about your relevant background.

| 05

Expect Behavioral based questions—FM Global loves to hear about our past experiences during the interview. Come prepared with examples and anecdotes to answer questions that may start off with, "Tell me about a time when..." or "Give me an example of how you used your problem-solving skill set to get to the root of an issue."

| 06

Practice the SHARE Method—answer behavioral based questions using the SHARE Method:

| 07

Ask Questions—Don't leave the interview without asking questions! Have your list of questions prepared and remember, YOU are interviewing US as much as we are interviewing you!

| 08

Follow Up—Whether it be to ask a question you forgot during the interview or just to say 'thank you,' follow up with the interviewers after your interview to let them know you are interested.

| 09

Stay Connected—Whether you are actively interviewing for a role or waiting for one to open up in your area, connect with FM Global! You can connect with us on social media, our Careers Page, and during events FM Global sponsors or attends.

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